Tuesday, May 11, 2010


A few people asked me what my opinions are about YTPnews1, a vlogger who gives regular updates on the Youtube Poop community and happenings concerning Youtube Poop. I told them I was impartial to him and his broadcasts and left it at that. However, he has made some very questionable points in his videos and I feel those need to be addressed.

Before I begin, I want to talk about his show in general. My job as a collaborator involves treating every Pooper equally, regardless of their beliefs, habits, and behavior. YTPnews1's shows, or Stuart K. Reilly's shows I should say, do not affect the stature of his work in my mind. His Poops are one thing, his shows are another.

Stuart's news shows have amassed him over 2,000 subscribers and made him a well known mainstream figure in Youtube Poop. Good for him. He is very good at speaking and he knows what he's talking about. I may not agree with his statements at times, but he has his reasoning for making them and they make more sense than what most other Poopers who attempt to set up a news show would say.

There are times where I feel he misuses his fame. One example being his response to the ytp4life rant, which took up his entire show. I couldn't help but feel that it was unnecessary to make a news show centered around a personal issue with someone no one knows about. If it's Youtube Poop news he's supposed to be broadcasting, what does this have to do with Youtube Poop? That episode made his news show look like a tabloid.

Creating a program based entirely off Youtube Poop is difficult, I can imagine. It would require a lot of awareness of what is going on. Stuart, being a part of the Youtube Poop Community I assume, certainly does have that. I am often surprised of the unknown Poopers he knows of and is subscribed to. Best of all, Stuart is a character. His hard southern accent and sense of humor make him a memorable spokesperson.

As I said before, I am neither a fan or an opponent of his show. It's always interesting to hear someone's input on certain subjects regarding Youtube Poop. That being said, I have come to disagree with him on more than one occasion, particularly his top ten lists. I understand he usually makes his lists out of boredom, but he has to remember he is catering to a large fanbase, so he needs to make sense.

On his most recent top ten list, the top ten overused Poop jokes, he listed several things I disagreed with. Number ten was the Sony Vegas TV simulator effect.

Here's what I'm wondering: How many of Stuart's subscribers have Vegas? I can imagine a lot of experienced Poopers have it but what about the ones who are new too Pooping and look up to this guy for advice? There are a plenty of video editors on the market, not just Vegas. Mac users use iMovie, Final Cut, and Adobe Premiere. I've never seen their interfaces but I'm sure one or two of them don't have that effect. Even so, is that the best he can think of? A TV simulutor effect? I don't mean to criticize his selection but that effect is rarely overused, at least from the many Poops I've seen. The inversion of color effect is used more often than the TV simulator effect when coupled with ear rape, but I wouldn't call that overused either.

Number eight was the MeiAids phrase "Let's shit." Not Link's "fuck" or "cock"? An old phrase from 07 and 08 that hardly anyone uses anymore? I question that decision as well, especially since not a lot of people use the original phrase like he says.

Number five was sex jokes in general. Here, Stuart tackles 95% of all sentence mixing jokes, and while I understand his reasoning, this is not the right time to call them overused. I applaud him for following that standard in his Poops though. Sex jokes are easy to create and can produce some laughs depending on the audience. Some, like SwishFilms, have made it the centerpiece of their style. I think they are overused to an extent. It's all a matter of how they are formulated. Some Poopers just throw them in and some create buildup to the punchline. Some words, specifically "cock", I deem too easy to form and end killing the joke, but SwishFilms is very good about knowing what words to use. In fact, I don't quite understand Stuart's bias against Poopers like Swish. He makes me, and plenty of other people, laugh. I can understand if it's not Stuart's cup of tea, but to call his material overused? I don't think so.

Number two was head masking. Again, I don't understand his reasoning. He admitted he didn't know what else to put here, but an uncommon skill on a list of overused tricks? This kills the merit of his list, that is if he was taking it seriously.

When Stuart finds something to talk about, he has a good idea of what to say. I believe he is ahead of his time, but he tries to hard to drag the now to where he is. He expects too much from today's Poopers. He should act more as a role model and show everyone what he likes by making Poops that enforce his ideals, rather than come down on them in his shows. Especially since his preferences of what is overused and what is not appear differ from most Poopers.

One thing I like to see on his shows are his interviews. He asks good questions and his interviewees are very insightful. I believe he should do more interviews and include some more well known Poopers in his show, like Dikekike (KroboProductions) and Deepercutt. I understand his intention is to bring lesser known Poopers into the light, but I believe his audience would like to see a big name interviewed as well. He managed to get Electricthecheese, I believe he can get almost anyone.

That's my personal opinion of Stuart. What he does, what he thinks, and what he says are all up to him. It's his show, and I'm sure he knows whatever he says has a drastic impact on the future of Poop. I like his style. He has a very good attitude and a lot of charisma. If I decide to get a microphone it would be my honor to join him on his show, perhaps offer some insight of my own. He has a strong southern accent, perhaps I can mix in some of my Boston tongue?