Thursday, December 3, 2009

The sincerest form of flattery.

As some of you already know, Ash's Retarted Adventure has been removed, and I can only guess for copyright infringement. So before I begin this article I first want to make some points clear. First off, I did not hate Ash's Retarted Adventure, nor do I hate its creater, Yootubepoop. I simply disliked the fact that that video was becoming the social standard of what a Youtube Poop should be. I'm sure Yootubepoop is a very good person, or people I should say. I just don't see eye-to-eye with his style.

Now that that's out of the way, I want to talk about something that has come up recently. Those who regularly look at KroboProductions' Recent Activity on his Youtube page may have seen a comment like this:

KroboProductions someone please kill yootubepoop (1 week ago)

A lot of his fans were confused by that comment, myself included. I wasn't sure whether this was sarcasm or real angst, and was curious to find out. I was quite surprised to find it was the latter. It turns out that Yootubepoop had allegedly stolen a moment from Krobo's Ash's First Pubic Hair (remake), modified it, and used it in Ash's Retarted Adventure without referencing Krobo or his Poop. Fans of Yootubepoop noticed the similarity between the two clips and believed that Krobo had stolen from Yootubepoop, so they left comments on his Poop accusing him of taking that moment.

Here's the question: Does Krobo have the right to be angry? Technically it did come from his video, but is that considered plagiarism?

Let's think about this for a minute. Fans of Yootubepoop have claimed Krobo stole a moment from his Poop, unaware that it was actually the other way around. It is Yootubepoop's fans that Krobo should be frustrated with, not Yootubepoop himself. As far as I know, he did not advocate or rally them to do that. However, Krobo was upset with the real person here, and the only reason for that was because he'd been stolen from and the Poop it belonged to garnered more popularity than his.

Poopers will most likely steal from someone no matter what they do. 99 times out of a hundred, the material they use does not belong to them. It has been ripped from a website or outside storage device. Right away that could be considered a felony, so no matter how high your perch is you are still pirating. Poopers understand that and they go forth with that risk.

Pretend it wasn't Ash's Retarted Adventure that used the moment but a lesser known newbie who'd created his first Poop. He has no fans or subscribers. Someone watches his video and sees the moment, then he watches Krobo's and notices the similarity, causing the fan to speak out without doing his homework. Would Krobo have minded that this lesser known person used a moment? I seriously doubt it.

So was Krobo justified to leave that mark on his channel? No, absolutely not. Rather, he should've simply left an edit in his description saying he had actually created the moment first, as well as ask Yootubepoop to do the same with his video. There was no need to say something snide about him. It made Krobo look mean spirited and created an uneasy tension between his fans and Yootubepoop's fans.

Besides, Ash's First Pubic Hair (the remake and the original) are two of Krobo's older and weaker efforts. He shouldn't be concerned with what he made over a year ago. Rather, he should be coming up with newer and better ideas. (I am aware that he hasn't made anything in months. I can only guess it's because of computer problems, as he has stated before he has been having problems.)

Krobo shouldn't worry about things like this. He is ahead of Yootubepoop in terms of subscribers and skill. It is best that he remove the comment from his Recent Activity and confidentially apologize to Yootubepoop for any tension he created. Besides, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If anything, Krobo should be happy his idea was duplicated!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

That's just a load of bleep.

I consider 2007 to be the year Youtube Poop really took off. Deepercutt and WalrusGuy were growing in popularity. What is Spaghetti? passed the 100,000 view mark. Poop was growing from a cult passion to a full-fledged genre. It was easy to get hooked into watching it because of how unique it was compared to everything else on YouTube.

It was just as easy to make a Youtube Poop as well, even before the advent of Mediaconverter. All you had to do was visit a French-Canadian video game website and download cutscenes from a crappy game from a shitty console you've never heard of. From there, the sky was the limit. Simply pull up your Windows Movie Maker and do whatever the hell you wanted.

This was back when the common misconception was that Poop was supposed to be funny. (And that notion still exists to this day.) The imagination span was limited. Everyone did the same thing and made trite unoriginal stories, involving the words "dinner," "come," "die," and the ever so popular "spaghetti."

But that wasn't enough for some. They needed something else, something that would make their Poop stand out from all the rest. Something that made them look professional and enhance the humor of their video. A censor bleep.

Censor bleeps weren't uncommon in traditional 2007 Poops. Deepercutt and WalrusGuy used them, and they brought out a lot of laughs. Even the greatest Poop ever made used a censor bleep. (I am of course talking about Mama Luigi is a Nuclear Weapon.) They were easily accessible; you just had to google the term and you'd get hundreds of sites offering downloads. At the time it seemed like a harmless tool.

I'm going to be openly honest: I never liked the censor bleep. Its effect wore out too fast on me. I can't recall any occasion that I laughed at a censor bleep in a Poop. It was more of a flaw than a blessing to me. It was too easy to use and too easy too access. It accentuated the notion that "Poop was supposed to be funny" in that it inspired a glut of what I refer to as Stock Shit, the lowest form of Poop that uses stale ideas and techniques. Now I don't use that term often. Stock Shit is reserved for the late-2007 era videos, though there are a few unfortunates that fall through the cracks. Thankfully most modern day Poops display some form of effort that elevates them well above this level.
Often times the words that were bleeped could have easily been spliced to say the word suggested by the editor. For example, at the end of He Touched Me Innapropriately, the female hedgehog says, "I only eat sh--" (the hyphens signify what was censored). Obviously FlameStormStudios was aiming for the word "shit." But really, how hard is it to find an "it" sound and plug it into the end? He had the entire episode at his disposal, and he chose to use the bleep. Now compare that to Mei's Robotnik Farts, a Poop made in the same year, where the word "shit" was spliced easily. This difference points out who is the better Pooper.
Experienced Poopers have tabooed the use of bleeps. They see the bleep for what it really is and choose instead to create the words themselves, which demonstrates an honest effort. The only one I can think of who used it on a daily basis was WalrusGuy. And he didn't use it because he thought everyone liked it, he used it because he liked it. I don't see his usage as an act of laziness since he was obviously capable of splicing the full words himself. But would he still use it if he continued his Pooping career to this day? I don't know.

Are there any modern day Poops where the censor bleep has worked? Yes, as a matter of fact, and they've both appeared in the Top Ten. KroboProductions created his own bleep in The Old Fashioned Way to Get Rid of Steve: a mouth-flapping stutter, which was both highly original and funny. So far no one has attempted to follow this example, but I believe it's best no one actually does. This is KroboProductions' joke and it shouldn't be whored out. The second example appeared in October's Top Ten: Norm Augustinus Teaches Remedial Sex Education by mYZterbattyX. That was the only time I laughed out loud at a censor bleep. But it wasn't the bleep itself that was funny, it was the setup. Norm is insulting us, thanks to some highly calibrated sentence mixing, and just as he is about to land the final blow we get it. (Arguably it wasn't a censor bleep but a color bar substitute.) Right after that comes the ear rape and complete annihilation of the video. That's a one-of-a-kind moment.
However, it's clear that the day of the censor bleep has come and gone. And it should stay gone. Bleeps are not funny and they never were funny. A Pooper who uses it leaves a mark on himself and his video. We should continue to press for sentence mixing as opposed to cheap substitutes. If you encounter someone using it, let them know it is an old joke but don't berate them about. After all, everyone has done something wrong without knowing it at some point. It should be the responsibility of the Pooper to educate the oncoming generations about the benefits of word splicing and sentence mixing in place of the bleep. They advocate this with their videos, and they should do so as well with their advice.
I don't see the future of Youtube Poop in a bleak way. I have been surprised by so many videos coming from the new generation, and I eagerly await whatever lies ahead of me. Remember to influence and defend the new, for they might possibly become the next big thing.

Monday, November 2, 2009

I Have No Life

I recently made an announcement video saying that my monthly top tens would be posted at the end of the month rather than on the 29th.  I gave my reasoning: the end of the month is a more reasonable date.  Simple as that.  In fact, why did I even bother posting them on the 29th to start with?  To compete with long-since-deceased top ten maker pimpsahoy15?  No.  Rather, it was to continue the tradition he started.  It has been that way since I started and only now do I ask myself, after almost a year making them, shouldn't a monthly top ten be held at the end of a month?

My assumption was that everyone wanted to see these top tens on the 29th because that's how pimps did them.  If I put them at the end of them month, it just wouldn't be the same.  Granted, pimps was awful at making them, but he started a tradition that hundreds of his subscribers anxiously waited for.  I'm pretty sure those who hated him awaited them too.  (It was a cardinal sin that he left out anything made by MTB710.  I couldn't wait to get angry over this and comment saying he left out all the good Poopers.  I wonder when it was I started thinking, "I should be the one doing this...")

Do I ever wonder why I even make these things?  Yes!  Gosh darn absolutely mother fudgling yes!  It is a pain in the ass to have to sit through a hundred videos every day made by hopeful top ten wannabees who think they have what it takes to be the next WalrusGuy.  Most of the time it's the same 30-second tennis round with nothing going for it except flashy effects and ear rape that I swear I've seen before in another video.  Occasionally someone sends me an MS Paint Poop with "PINGAS," Weegee, and something about the King blowing up his dinner.  Yeah, it sucks.  I watch the same old crap every day and I don't even get paid for it.

Why I doing this then?  Because every time I type "youtube poop" in the search bar and see Ash's Retarted Adventure at the top, I think, "These people are missing out."  Every day that video gets another something-thousand views while the potential best Poops of the month sit in the database garnering digital dust.  I believe it's my job to expose them.  I believe it's my job to sort through all that crap and find those diamonds in the rough.  If I don't, who will?  The greatest Poopers to have ever walked the face of the Internet will be long forgotten unless I shed the light on them.  Soon my top tens will reach the front page and people will gasp in awe at these amazing works, and start to question themselves about why they thought Ash's Retarted Adventure was the greatest thing ever.

It's a dream.  A stupid, pointless, ridiculous dream.  But it's something I feel needs to be done.  And the fact that pimpsahoy stopped making his top tens (and I believe I am the reason he stopped) doesn't make it easier.  Yes, his top tens were awful and inconsistent, but at least they got people into watching the underrated Poopers.  We'd have made great rivals, him continuing his monthly shit and me dishing out the bigger shit.  At least then my videos would get more views.

If, by the time Youtube Poop becomes international, FOX 29 does a news report about it and features anything by Yootubepoop, I know I have failed my mission.  But until then, I'll continue to make these top tens and hope at some point they make it to the front page.  I'm not doing this for myself.  If I was, these videos would be on my real account.  This is for the guys who work their asses off and only manage to garner 500 views.  I'm doing this for the hard-working artists who have been buried up to their necks in mainstream shit and can't reach out.  I'm going to make them famous, and I want no thanks for it.

-article by KevinTAckerman

Thursday, October 15, 2009

MycroProcessor Interview

MycroProcessor is one of the most revered and respected Tennis Poopers. His style features an entrancing blend of colors and layers mixed with some intense earrape and occasional well-crafted YTPMV's. In this interview, he gives us his insights about Poop, as well as a personal background and how he came to be.

KevinTAckerman: To start off, how did you come across Youtube Poop? And when exactly did you start getting into it?

MycroProcessor: Im not sure of what the initial YTPs that I watched were, but I do know that I saw the name YouTube Poop on a few videos before I watched any and thought it sounded stupid so I didn't watch them. The ones that I remember watching while new to what it was were some by Vodazvezda, he had uploaded video game music that I liked, and then started uploading a few YTPs, quite a few of them I liked. I also remember coming across Bobomb99s YTPs after one was a related video to one of my non-YTP videos from a different account. One other encounter with the videos was when my friend was obsessed with the This is Sparta! meme because of the music, and I found a Mama Luigi Sparta remix. Since the source seemed so goofy, I searched for the source and found a few of the tons of YTPs that had used that source. I do not know the order that these three things occurred, but those are the multiple times that I was initially exposed to these types of videos. I actually made two video that had Myst characters lip-synced to parts of that episode and other memes (at the time I thought mixing sources with memes what a YTP was), though I didnt like that style of editing very much since I preferred things to seem completely spontaneous and memes prevented that. Very shortly following that, what really got me to like them and get in to making them was when I saw a tennis match for the first time (SesakaBlargh vs. GameBop) after searching to see if there were any MegaMan YTPs. I found Sesakas videos first, but then I saw GameBops which used some really obscure sources that I didn't think anyone would be familiar with other than me. He was and still is the one of the only users besides me that frequents use of the same types of adventure game sources as much as I do. This was also when I realized that a YTP could pretty much be whatever you want, so I just made videos without worrying if it would get views or anything. Also, a lot of YTP's by GameBop and Sesaka at the time were similar to the types of abstract edits I had done with just audio, and I even had made some video edits similar in style to these, so I realized that these types of effects were things that wouldn't just be completely overlooked if I uploaded them (I actually now have used small sections of these in many of my videos). Thats about when I made a new account just for YTPs and started making almost nothing but those, and I started doing a bunch of tennis matches, the first started was actually with GameBop. I've never really slowed down since then because collaborating with other users in tennis matches prevents me from getting away from these videos that I like.

KTA: How do you choose the material you put in your Poops? Also, are there any sources that you prefer to use?

MP: I sort of think of YTPs as an odd tribute to the sources I use in the videos Im making, so I use sources of things that I like or have liked a lot. My biggest interest outside of YTPs may be older PC adventure games so thats my most frequent type of source to use, specifically the games in the Myst series, Alida and Obsidian. Also since most of my videos are tennis rounds, I try to have the sources I use in them include something that spans the interests of both me and the other person in the match. For example I added Sonic 2 and Rocket Knight Adventures in to my match with Furnessly since I liked those games and hes used Mega Drive games as sources frequently. One other thing is that I also like to do is use more obscure sources of things that I don't think very many people will be familiar with, so I often look to see if I can find sources of things like that. For tennis I also want to see what people will come up with for editing the sources that I added in the next round, so I try to uses sources in tennis matches that I want to see edited in different ways.

KTA: As an avid tennis-Pooper, how do you decide who to face? Do you accept match requests from random people or are you more stringent when it comes to deciding your opponents?

MP: I usually decide who to face by finding people who have styles that I think would work interestingly with my styles and then asking them for a match. Also I'm more likely to want a match with someone if they have similar interests to me so that we can reference them in the match. I'm fine accepting tennis requests from pretty much anyone, however that unfortunately causes me to have a ton of matches that I leave in a long queue of matches that I plan to have, because of this I do allow people that I really want to tennis the most to interrupt the order of that list.

KTA: What are your first thoughts going into a tennis match? Do you tend to think competitively or are you relaxed and more intent on having fun?

MP: Almost always I am closer to "relaxed and having fun", however my style usually is very intense, and I don't want any of my videos to be lower quality than previous ones, so often I really try to make every round as good as I can within the time frame that I'm trying to make the video. Usually my first thoughts going in to a tennis match are related to seeing how various sections of the videos will evolve and eventually turning in to something more complex after being able to see each step every round. I always try to strongly connect my tennis rounds to the previous round by adding to ideas that the previous round presented.

KTA: Have you ever been dissatisfied with a video you made?

MP: Yes, it's actually very common for me to not be satisfied with the end result of one of my videos despite how much I try to prevent that. This happens about 30% of the time.

KTA: How much time do you normally put into your videos?

MP: Well, currently 8 hours seems to be the average that I estimate. It's usually broken up by one or two longer 2-3 hour sessions of editing, and other much shorter editing sessions that eventually mix in to equate to what I think is probably 8 hours total.

KTA: Out of all your videos, which ones are you most pleased with? Also what is your favorite match that you've been in?

MP: Currently I'm the most pleased with "The proper vowels go inside the ARTICLE TO fiberglass TO potentiometer in 7/8 TIME" and "[o] of & 5$; ? An increase which does decrease thus far? quot? " ? ;".My favorite matches that I was in would have to be the ones with GameBop, htilden42, Furnessly and GreatBritishTurd. I like those all for different reasons, so it's difficult to decide on an absolute favorite of those.

KTA: Do you have any favorite Poops by other people?

MP: Currently some of my favorite YTP's that were made by others are:
- "Quicktime magazine - Issue no. 52" by GameBop,
- "Still a Bad time for Quicktime I see" by GameBop,
- "Sorry Caitlin" by Aesaun
- "I WANNA DISCO ON YOUR RIDE TAKE A STICK" by DanielRadcliffe777.
- "5" by Ophios
- "YTP: [)4ff'(]" by GreatBritishTurd

KTA: I noticed you’re involved with a Tennis League and have been in several tournaments. What is that experience like? Does it feel any different from being in regular tennis matches?

MP: The main difference in the feel is that there is a time limit with a lot more priority. Being too slow to make a round could negatively affect your progress in the tournament due to penalties, or your teammates in the cases of tennis tournaments where you're on a team.

KTA: One tournament that really sticks out to me is the WMM Tournament. You appeared to have a good grasp on that tool even though you hadn’t used for your videos in a long time. How did it feel revert back to WMM and how difficult was it to get used to it again?

MP: It wasn't really too hard to get used to again since I used it from time to time still, just not for the primary program. The main thing that I had to adjust to though was the fact that many ideas I would have for editing the previous rounds and sources were not possible to do (or at least were way more difficult to do) in WMM.

KTA: How did it feel to upload your first Poop to Youtube? And how hard was it to get accustomed to making them on a daily basis?

MP: When I made my first YTP, I didn't know that what I had uploaded was a YTP (However I did have it tagged as such because of using some sources that at the time I thought even using would qualify the video as a YTP). It didn't seem any different than the other videos that I uploaded to my old account since every video was basically Myst juxtaposed with some fad.. I'm pretty sure that at the time I actually thought that a YTP was a video that used a few specific memes in it (specifically the Mama Luigi episode), so when a comment made me realize that the actual nonsensical style was YTP-esque, I started making a lot more pretty easily since I already had a lot of small sections of my old videos on my old account that were like that (which I already edited on a daily basis). The only difference is that pretty much since then I've only been focusing on YTP's rather than any other type of video.

KTA: A lot of Poopers hold you in high regard, including well known ones like McMaNGOS and CommanderGwonam. How do you react to the feedback you receive?

MP: I generally like getting the positive feedback that I receive. Sometimes it surprises me how much people like my videos in comparison to others.

KTA: What styles of Poop do you like and dislike?

MP: I like most styles of YTP, the weirder the style the seems to me, the more likely I am to like the videos. Specifically I like audio/visual de-synchronization, "ear rape", seizures, abstract/artistic, eerie, effect based and musical styles. The main style that I dislike is word splicing, especially if it's word splicing altered to say profanity or sexually suggestive things, similarly I don't like sentence mixing if it's in that direction either. I prefer videos that are interesting visually over ones that people make because they think the videos are humorous, I can usually still appreciate videos of the styles that I dislike if they're well done or truly clever though.

KTA: What is your opinion on mainstream Poopers, like Deepercutt and KroboProductions?

MP: They're fine in my opinion. It's just that there are plenty of people at a just as good and far better level with far less people watching. The only things that I can think of that annoy me about them is that often people act like everyone who has a similar style to them is trying to copy them when that isn't the case at all frequently in those situations, and that they take attention away from people that have more original ideas at times.

KTA: What is Youtube Poop to you? Do you see it as a form of art or a hobby?

MP: Usually I see YTP as editing things that I like in ways that are unusual or interesting to watch. If it's a tennis match, collaborating adding things that I like with the other player to see what the end result is like. I see it as both a form of art and a hobby.

KTA: Are there any underrated Poopers you feel deserve more attention?

MP: As far as people who are still active go, some that come to mind right now immediately are:- htilden42- Architect1 (52ofem)- CorruptionSound- silver007sm- Skrimpish

KTA: For you, what is the hardest part of making a Poop?

MP: Usually either getting started on the video initially since sometimes I just stare at a blank project file for 30 minutes, or trying to make the video in a limited amount of time where I'm forced to cut out a lot of the ideas that I get because they would take too long to make.

KTA: Lastly, what are your thoughts about the future of Youtube Poop? Do you see it as a dying fad or a style that is slowly picking up steam? Also, how long do you intend to keep making Poops and where do you think it will take you?

MP: I think that YTP keeps getting people that come up with more original styles still after all of this time already, it definitely isn't dying, it's increasing in expanse of directions that it can go. People will just continue with coming up with more original styles in to the future, and as more software comes out, even more different ideas will emerge. I think that even many very old ideas haven't been completely used up in potential for expanding off of those either.I think I'll keep making these videos for a long time, especially considering that I did editing sort of like this a long time ago, they just weren't in any category at that time. I think it's likely that I may slow down a ton or go on a long hiatus intermittently returning, but I don't think I'll ever completely quit making videos in a style like this. So far YTP's have got me even more interested in video editing than I already was, and I've often thought of trying to apply edits similar to what I make with YTP to other abstract video editing not under that label.

KTA: Thank you for your time, MycroProcessor.

-Article by KevinTAckerman

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Youtube Poop: Freddy Ruins Sam's Life

Consensus: One of Krobo's freshest and most creative Poops, sporting well placed sentence mixing, repitition, and visual gags.

Freddy is KroboProductions' most popular Poop, standing with, as of now, 850,000 views. It is also one of his freshest and most creative ones as well, sporting well placed sentence mixing, repetition, and visual gags.

The Poop starts off by showing Carly and Sam (iCarly) firing arrows at a picture of Barack Obama. This joke is applied at the very first second and warms us up for the rest of the video. Krobo always puts effort into his jokes, and this one is no different. The picture of Obama did not get in the way of the arrows nor did it surpass the boundaries of its frame. Rather it was edited in so well it looked as though it was really there.

Krobo then throws in an excellent blend of stutters, reverses, and pitch changes with the arrival of Freddie. In the midst of these edits, Krobo utilizes a line from the show as a joke in itself: "No jokes Puckett! This is serious jizz!" I think he picked this episode to Poop for the sake of using that line; I feel that from any episode of iCarly he can create something great. The line is mentioned a couple more times thoughout the video, but it doesn't serve as the main highlight. Which is a good thing. Normally it should be the edited material that reflects the slendour of a Poop.

One thing I liked best about this Poop was Krobo's use of reversing, which contributed to some of the jokes as well. By applying reverses to the words "again" and "diggin" he was able to render the word "nigga." That's a trick I hardly ever see used, and he does it beautifully. There is also a reverse applied to Sam's Cheez-its dropping out of her mouth, which I also found to be quite clever.

Freddy Ruins Sam's Life is enjoyable and very original, but I felt there could have been more to it. I regard Kringle Special to be Krobo's best, which is a Poop in a league of its own. I'd have thought he would keep the ball rolling and make his next one just like that (or maybe even better). He is definitely capable of creating the modern-day Mama Luigi is a Nuclear Weapon, but when he will (or if he will) remains to be seen.

Contrary to the popular belief that "overrated Poops suck," this is a great Poop that I'm positive anyone can enjoy. If it can stay out of the sights of Viacom, that is.

-by Kevin T. Ackerman

Saturday, September 5, 2009

YouTube Poop: Toys Gone Wild

Consensus: By 2007 standards, Toys Gone Wild is a highly creative Poop that makes shrewd use of its source material.

Toys Gone Wild is the primary reason Boogidyboo's sub count exceeds 7K. No kidding. With over two million views you'd think he'd receive some sort of recognition, right?

Like most Poops from 2007, Toys Gone Wild relies on popular videos and phrases for its humor. In this instance, however, Boogidyboo has managed to botch them cleanly and cleverly into a source very few have thought of using. Even today, many of the jokes in this video can be viewed as "genius." For example, in one scene, a scene containing Rex and Woody is implemented with Volvic audio. It fits perfectly, and it is not too overdone.

A common running gag in this Poop is the numerous explosions, which there are a lot of. At one point I was wondering whether or not Boogidyboo realized how predictable they were, but he had me at the very end where we are expecting another explosion from a rocket taking off when all of a sudden, a green alien face appears. It was an exceptionally funny idea and I'm glad he did it.

Being a seven-minute Poop, there are a lot a memorable moments. However, not everything is perfect. Buzz seeing the entire Big Bill Hell's car commercial on the TV screen was too long and overdrawn, and was the only piece of filler. The problem wasn't that he used the commercial, but that he used all of it. There really wasn't anything done with it other than it being placed on the TV screen. Showing snipets is fine, but there's no point in using every single second of it when all one has to do is type "Big Bill Hells" into the search bar.

By 2007 standards, Toys Gone Wild is a highly creative Poop that makes shrewd use of its source material. And despite the numerous advances the genre has gone since then, there is still some likability to it. Is it the best Poop ever? No. Is it the best Poop of 2007? Still no. But it does serve as an example of what I like to call a "mainstream Poop," or a Poop that is made solely to entertain the many, for lack of a better word, "consumers" who watch these videos looking for humor. 2007 was the year for these kinds of Poops.

For those who've neglected to watch this, this is definitely worth all seven minutes. While it may not entertain as well as modern day Poops, it's still a piece of history that is meant to be enjoyed and admired. I also advocate looking at Boogidyboo's other videos, specifically his Robotnik ones, which are much more inventive than this.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Youtube Poop: Ash's Retarted Adventure

Consensus: Ash's Retarted Adventure uses almost every overdone trick in the book, and fails to inspire anything new into a tediously Pooped source.

Unless you've been living in a hole for your whole life (or neglected to type "youtube poop" into the search engine), you'd know that Yootubepoop's Ash's Retarted Adventure is one of the most popular Youtube Poops ever made. Unfortunately, it's appeal is strictly limited to those who are new to the genre.

The very first edit we see in this video is Ash's mom voiced over by CD-i Ganon's "You will die", followed by a WTFBoom. Right away, Yootubepoop has done two things wrong by using two overused lines in an attempt to add humor at the very beginning. I am not saying Ganon's "You will die" is not funny, rather the way it was applied to this poop. Trailing these two events are seven seconds with of both a Youtube Poop intro and a title screen. I'm indifferent with the intro, which only lasted two seconds. But the title screen was completely unnecessary. There is no point to having a title screen in Poops. Titles are for movies, and Youtube Poops are meant to stray as far away from movies as possible.

It doesn't get any better from that point on. All throughout the video we are acquainted with tasteless unfunny jokes, including Tourette's Guy quotes, farts, a censor, and lazy Microsoft Paint edits. The only breaks we get from these moments are some repetition and well placed stuttering. But even those cannot overshadow the onslaught of bad jokes. At no point does Yootubepoop consider splicing the character's voices to create new words. Instead he continues to add outside sources and stray from using the primary material to his advantage.

There are no special video effects added to the picture. This is a strict audio-edit Poop aside from the Microsoft Paint picture overlays. The special effects would have made nary a difference anyhow.

Towards the end of the Poop we see several text-to-speech recitals on Ash's Pokedex. Let me first clarify that I do not view any self-crafted speech, including voiceovers, as edited, seeing as it does not come from another video or audio clip. Here, it is used far too much; roughly the last quarter of the Poop uses text-to-speech. The lines are obviously an attempt to add humor to the Poop, but they are unfitting in this sort of genre. Yootubepoop would have been better off creating a seperate video, a non-Poop, and placing the dialogue there. It's rather sad, though, because that portion of the video was more humorous than anything else here.

Ash's Retarted Adventure uses every overdone trick in the book, and fails to inspire anything new into a tediously Pooped source. Yootubepoop refers to it as his best, but if that's the case, he really needs to broaden his horizons. The only people I can imagine finding the whole of this Poop funny are the ones who are new to the genre and the strictly narrowminded who don't open themselves to other styles.