Sunday, September 13, 2009

Youtube Poop: Freddy Ruins Sam's Life

Consensus: One of Krobo's freshest and most creative Poops, sporting well placed sentence mixing, repitition, and visual gags.

Freddy is KroboProductions' most popular Poop, standing with, as of now, 850,000 views. It is also one of his freshest and most creative ones as well, sporting well placed sentence mixing, repetition, and visual gags.

The Poop starts off by showing Carly and Sam (iCarly) firing arrows at a picture of Barack Obama. This joke is applied at the very first second and warms us up for the rest of the video. Krobo always puts effort into his jokes, and this one is no different. The picture of Obama did not get in the way of the arrows nor did it surpass the boundaries of its frame. Rather it was edited in so well it looked as though it was really there.

Krobo then throws in an excellent blend of stutters, reverses, and pitch changes with the arrival of Freddie. In the midst of these edits, Krobo utilizes a line from the show as a joke in itself: "No jokes Puckett! This is serious jizz!" I think he picked this episode to Poop for the sake of using that line; I feel that from any episode of iCarly he can create something great. The line is mentioned a couple more times thoughout the video, but it doesn't serve as the main highlight. Which is a good thing. Normally it should be the edited material that reflects the slendour of a Poop.

One thing I liked best about this Poop was Krobo's use of reversing, which contributed to some of the jokes as well. By applying reverses to the words "again" and "diggin" he was able to render the word "nigga." That's a trick I hardly ever see used, and he does it beautifully. There is also a reverse applied to Sam's Cheez-its dropping out of her mouth, which I also found to be quite clever.

Freddy Ruins Sam's Life is enjoyable and very original, but I felt there could have been more to it. I regard Kringle Special to be Krobo's best, which is a Poop in a league of its own. I'd have thought he would keep the ball rolling and make his next one just like that (or maybe even better). He is definitely capable of creating the modern-day Mama Luigi is a Nuclear Weapon, but when he will (or if he will) remains to be seen.

Contrary to the popular belief that "overrated Poops suck," this is a great Poop that I'm positive anyone can enjoy. If it can stay out of the sights of Viacom, that is.

-by Kevin T. Ackerman

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