Saturday, September 5, 2009

YouTube Poop: Toys Gone Wild

Consensus: By 2007 standards, Toys Gone Wild is a highly creative Poop that makes shrewd use of its source material.

Toys Gone Wild is the primary reason Boogidyboo's sub count exceeds 7K. No kidding. With over two million views you'd think he'd receive some sort of recognition, right?

Like most Poops from 2007, Toys Gone Wild relies on popular videos and phrases for its humor. In this instance, however, Boogidyboo has managed to botch them cleanly and cleverly into a source very few have thought of using. Even today, many of the jokes in this video can be viewed as "genius." For example, in one scene, a scene containing Rex and Woody is implemented with Volvic audio. It fits perfectly, and it is not too overdone.

A common running gag in this Poop is the numerous explosions, which there are a lot of. At one point I was wondering whether or not Boogidyboo realized how predictable they were, but he had me at the very end where we are expecting another explosion from a rocket taking off when all of a sudden, a green alien face appears. It was an exceptionally funny idea and I'm glad he did it.

Being a seven-minute Poop, there are a lot a memorable moments. However, not everything is perfect. Buzz seeing the entire Big Bill Hell's car commercial on the TV screen was too long and overdrawn, and was the only piece of filler. The problem wasn't that he used the commercial, but that he used all of it. There really wasn't anything done with it other than it being placed on the TV screen. Showing snipets is fine, but there's no point in using every single second of it when all one has to do is type "Big Bill Hells" into the search bar.

By 2007 standards, Toys Gone Wild is a highly creative Poop that makes shrewd use of its source material. And despite the numerous advances the genre has gone since then, there is still some likability to it. Is it the best Poop ever? No. Is it the best Poop of 2007? Still no. But it does serve as an example of what I like to call a "mainstream Poop," or a Poop that is made solely to entertain the many, for lack of a better word, "consumers" who watch these videos looking for humor. 2007 was the year for these kinds of Poops.

For those who've neglected to watch this, this is definitely worth all seven minutes. While it may not entertain as well as modern day Poops, it's still a piece of history that is meant to be enjoyed and admired. I also advocate looking at Boogidyboo's other videos, specifically his Robotnik ones, which are much more inventive than this.

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