Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Youtube Poop: Ash's Retarted Adventure

Consensus: Ash's Retarted Adventure uses almost every overdone trick in the book, and fails to inspire anything new into a tediously Pooped source.

Unless you've been living in a hole for your whole life (or neglected to type "youtube poop" into the search engine), you'd know that Yootubepoop's Ash's Retarted Adventure is one of the most popular Youtube Poops ever made. Unfortunately, it's appeal is strictly limited to those who are new to the genre.

The very first edit we see in this video is Ash's mom voiced over by CD-i Ganon's "You will die", followed by a WTFBoom. Right away, Yootubepoop has done two things wrong by using two overused lines in an attempt to add humor at the very beginning. I am not saying Ganon's "You will die" is not funny, rather the way it was applied to this poop. Trailing these two events are seven seconds with of both a Youtube Poop intro and a title screen. I'm indifferent with the intro, which only lasted two seconds. But the title screen was completely unnecessary. There is no point to having a title screen in Poops. Titles are for movies, and Youtube Poops are meant to stray as far away from movies as possible.

It doesn't get any better from that point on. All throughout the video we are acquainted with tasteless unfunny jokes, including Tourette's Guy quotes, farts, a censor, and lazy Microsoft Paint edits. The only breaks we get from these moments are some repetition and well placed stuttering. But even those cannot overshadow the onslaught of bad jokes. At no point does Yootubepoop consider splicing the character's voices to create new words. Instead he continues to add outside sources and stray from using the primary material to his advantage.

There are no special video effects added to the picture. This is a strict audio-edit Poop aside from the Microsoft Paint picture overlays. The special effects would have made nary a difference anyhow.

Towards the end of the Poop we see several text-to-speech recitals on Ash's Pokedex. Let me first clarify that I do not view any self-crafted speech, including voiceovers, as edited, seeing as it does not come from another video or audio clip. Here, it is used far too much; roughly the last quarter of the Poop uses text-to-speech. The lines are obviously an attempt to add humor to the Poop, but they are unfitting in this sort of genre. Yootubepoop would have been better off creating a seperate video, a non-Poop, and placing the dialogue there. It's rather sad, though, because that portion of the video was more humorous than anything else here.

Ash's Retarted Adventure uses every overdone trick in the book, and fails to inspire anything new into a tediously Pooped source. Yootubepoop refers to it as his best, but if that's the case, he really needs to broaden his horizons. The only people I can imagine finding the whole of this Poop funny are the ones who are new to the genre and the strictly narrowminded who don't open themselves to other styles.

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  1. You might be surprised, Kevin.

    It is true that Ash's Retarded Adventure has several misses. Some parts are repeated far too much (such as the part where Ash had "an orgasm" and both him and Gary calling each other umpteen times), but it also has its hits. Replacing Pikachu's cry with "AHHHH" is one of the strangest and funniest things ever done in YouTube Poop. The MS Paint effects are not as bad as you make them out to be. While it is true that the bullet that Link used to headshoot King Harkinian is just a simple oval, the animation of the bullet's trajectory was pretty well done considering that it's made in Paint.

    You say that there is no point to having a title screen in poops. However, there are many big-time poopers out there who have a YouTube Poop title screen. Deepercutt, link123456 and captpan6 all use YouTube Poop title screens, and theirs are not only information, but also hilarious. In the case of captpan6, some users have even claimed that they liked the original title screen of Spigh Kydz (Part 2) compared to the "family-safe" intro that came after YouTube removed the original.

    You say that the introduction to Ash's Retarded Adventure is overused, and I will agree. However, the WTFBoom bit was meant to originate from the Pidgey clock. Considering that the original sound was a lot different, this is a huge change.

    A good poop does not need special effects. In the case of Ash's Retarded Adventure, there is just enough humour in the first nine-tenths of the video to warrant the exclusion of special effects.

    Voice-splicing is an extremely time-consuming process to those who are not familiar with it. Even captpan6 uses it sparingly. In the case of his Spigh Kydz (Part 1) video, he did not splice "WalrusGuy", but instead added it in from another source.

    In the case of the Pokedex, I find that a text-to-speech dub is completely appropriate. Keep in mind that the first-generation Pokedex is NOT a device with a sentient AI like Halo's Cortana, so direct text-to-speech is fine. In addition, think of what the Pokedex was being said at the time. Instead of describing the Pokemon, which is its intended role, it is insulting Ash.

    You also need to realise that the bar for Pokemon poops are very low. Until Ash's Retarded Adventure, the only other Pokemon Poop I felt was worth watching was one involving Dawn, Piplup, Buneary and Pachirisu, and that was suspended about a year ago. Ash's Retarded Adventure may not compare to other poops like The Most Epic Card Game Ever, but among all the Pokemon poops, it is one of the best.