Thursday, December 3, 2009

The sincerest form of flattery.

As some of you already know, Ash's Retarted Adventure has been removed, and I can only guess for copyright infringement. So before I begin this article I first want to make some points clear. First off, I did not hate Ash's Retarted Adventure, nor do I hate its creater, Yootubepoop. I simply disliked the fact that that video was becoming the social standard of what a Youtube Poop should be. I'm sure Yootubepoop is a very good person, or people I should say. I just don't see eye-to-eye with his style.

Now that that's out of the way, I want to talk about something that has come up recently. Those who regularly look at KroboProductions' Recent Activity on his Youtube page may have seen a comment like this:

KroboProductions someone please kill yootubepoop (1 week ago)

A lot of his fans were confused by that comment, myself included. I wasn't sure whether this was sarcasm or real angst, and was curious to find out. I was quite surprised to find it was the latter. It turns out that Yootubepoop had allegedly stolen a moment from Krobo's Ash's First Pubic Hair (remake), modified it, and used it in Ash's Retarted Adventure without referencing Krobo or his Poop. Fans of Yootubepoop noticed the similarity between the two clips and believed that Krobo had stolen from Yootubepoop, so they left comments on his Poop accusing him of taking that moment.

Here's the question: Does Krobo have the right to be angry? Technically it did come from his video, but is that considered plagiarism?

Let's think about this for a minute. Fans of Yootubepoop have claimed Krobo stole a moment from his Poop, unaware that it was actually the other way around. It is Yootubepoop's fans that Krobo should be frustrated with, not Yootubepoop himself. As far as I know, he did not advocate or rally them to do that. However, Krobo was upset with the real person here, and the only reason for that was because he'd been stolen from and the Poop it belonged to garnered more popularity than his.

Poopers will most likely steal from someone no matter what they do. 99 times out of a hundred, the material they use does not belong to them. It has been ripped from a website or outside storage device. Right away that could be considered a felony, so no matter how high your perch is you are still pirating. Poopers understand that and they go forth with that risk.

Pretend it wasn't Ash's Retarted Adventure that used the moment but a lesser known newbie who'd created his first Poop. He has no fans or subscribers. Someone watches his video and sees the moment, then he watches Krobo's and notices the similarity, causing the fan to speak out without doing his homework. Would Krobo have minded that this lesser known person used a moment? I seriously doubt it.

So was Krobo justified to leave that mark on his channel? No, absolutely not. Rather, he should've simply left an edit in his description saying he had actually created the moment first, as well as ask Yootubepoop to do the same with his video. There was no need to say something snide about him. It made Krobo look mean spirited and created an uneasy tension between his fans and Yootubepoop's fans.

Besides, Ash's First Pubic Hair (the remake and the original) are two of Krobo's older and weaker efforts. He shouldn't be concerned with what he made over a year ago. Rather, he should be coming up with newer and better ideas. (I am aware that he hasn't made anything in months. I can only guess it's because of computer problems, as he has stated before he has been having problems.)

Krobo shouldn't worry about things like this. He is ahead of Yootubepoop in terms of subscribers and skill. It is best that he remove the comment from his Recent Activity and confidentially apologize to Yootubepoop for any tension he created. Besides, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If anything, Krobo should be happy his idea was duplicated!


  1. Well... Yootubepoop's poop, was very good at the time. Now, I see why you might like to show your top tens to get those good poopers popular, Instead of people becoming familiarized with videos like Ash's Retarted Adventure. But, a lot of the types of poops you use,require more of an aquired taste. Yootube's video worked well with the average YouTube user. To be honest, I didn't know exactly what to think of YouTube poop, when I first saw it. Though, after some thought, I found it to be very stange, entertaing, and funny. The first poop I saw was Toys Gone Wild. A simple search for Toy Story lead me there. I like you choice of poop, but what will the average YouTube think of it? You should most likely show the top tens to people who acctually like YouTube poop(I do).
    Maybe, join the site YouChewPoop's forum. You can most likely post the top tens in the you chew showroom section. That way, the people who like YouTube poop, can watch your top tens and appreciate them, while also getting the good poopers, out there. If you do join, you also need to join a group called "forum users" to be able to post on the forums.

  2. You know who else steals jokes? bkbusters. Check out wikiwow's Robotnik's List ( and then check out bkbusters' Robotnik Finds 5 Million Mobiums In His Couch (

    You will see stolen stuff, including a directly stolen part within the video. His whole channel is dedicated to stealing poops from 2008! What I don't get is how come people subscribe to this stupid hack?