Monday, March 1, 2010

Feb 2010: What could have been?

While constructing the Top Tens, I always end up asking myself the same question: "Why just ten?" This question popped into my head numerous times last month. Actually, more than ever.

It was nearing the end of the month. I had a pre-list all ready, and the choices were much different. There were new people on the list and some that were already on were closer to the one spot. I assumed that this would end up being the final result, but I didn't want to render the list just yet. I just wanted to be sure that this would be it.

And lo and behold it wasn't. On the last three days of the month I was presented with several new Poops that made it on, knocking a few other choices off. This didn't frustrate me, as this is just part of what happens when I make these lists. But I was rather disappointed to see two really good ones get the boot, and this article is centered around those two.

The first one comes from an old-school traditionalist named JazzDanceForChildren. His Poops rely on classic sentence mixing techniques and repetition, and I don't get the chance to showcase Poops like that too often because this style doesn't quite seem to fulfull as much as other styles. That is not to say that I do not understand it at all though. I was, I guess you could say, "raised" on it. The first Poopers I ever saw used it or something close to it, and quite honestly I miss the old days when these were common.

As I have mentioned about Jazz, I never have the chance to advertise his works. This month, however, he made one that exceeded my expectations, called Speed Establishes The Car Acrobatic Speed Racing Team. It won me over completely. The video started off slow and easy, with just scenes from old Speed Racer cartoons. But as it progressed, it became much more disoriented and unpredictable. Jazz employed some old-fashioned sentence mixing about half-way through that completely changed the atmosphere of the Poop. I found myself, for once in a long time, chuckling. Chuckling, at a Poop. That right there is a massive accomplishment.

He could've stopped right there though, but he didn't. He went above and beyond by turning a two and a quarter long Poop into a three minute Poop, all without adding filler. He also referenced some of his older videos and made some unexpected sound edits. And then at the end, to cap it all off, he added another round of old-school sentence mixing, and it was even funnier than the last verse.

The second Poop was sent to me near the end of the month. It was a Polish Poop called Bomba Bojs ejakuluje Multi Hacki do Metina and it was made by materatzowy. I don't often come across foreign Poops, but I see no reason to keep them off the Top Ten. Which is why after I saw this, I couldn't help but put it on the list.

With no disrespect to foreign Poopers, the Poops that are sent to me that are in different languages aren't really the best of the bunch, which is why I was surprised by materat's video. It uses, what I believe, sentence mixing of Polish words, and although I don't understand the language, I admired it nonetheless. That wasn't it though. He had his hands on a good editing software and was able to do what most experienced Poopers could, including a strange spinning triangle effect I had never seen before. "If this doesn't get on the list for its sentence mixing," I thought, "it should get on for its excellent use of modern techniques."

While I did feel that the overall product felt like something only Polish speakers could understand, I put it on the pre-list anyhow because I trusted the maker constructed good words and the effects and techniques were comparable to other Poopers'. It would've been an excellent way to show how far Youtube Poop has spread, and how other cultures are adapting it.

To see these two Poops knocked off the list broke my heart. But what could I do? I have to be honest with myself and always give the spots to those who deserve it. It was unfortunate that February 2010 wasn't the month to see these two make an appearance, but I'm hoping that some time in the near future there will come a chance.

If you ever have the chance, go watch these guys' videos, particulary the ones I mentioned. Even though they never made the final list, they are still winners in my book.

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