Monday, August 23, 2010

Moving to YouChewPoop.

Seeing as keeping a blog of my opinions and articles was too much of a hassle even for me, I must be crazy to think that moving to a website with actual deadlines is a good idea.

For those who have not heard yet, I have been chosen to be a freelancer for's writing crew. is the official Youtube Poop community website, and from what I am told, it is home to the most prestigious of Youtube Poopers. I am honored to have this position and I vow to fully engage myself into the job.

Keeping a blog sounded like a good idea at the time. It would serve as a hub for my thoughts and feelings about what's happening with Youtube Poop. Unfortunately, when nothing inspires you, when life gets in the way, when your insanely high standards for everything you write put you down, you get my blog.

My main source of inspiration for this blog was, in fact, the News Page, which housed some very detailed articles. To actually be a part of that crew is a privelege, seeing as what I write will be read and discussed by artists. Also, their criteria for a printable article is much different than mine. I won't have to rely on tangents and mochas to get me going anymore. Hopefully.

With that being said, I bid farewell to Shitstorm. There probably won't be any more reasons for me to have to log on to this Blogger account now. From here on, everything I print will be posted on Everything on this blog, however, will stay. In the hopes that some wayfarer comes across it and wonders what the Hell I am talking about.

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